Under 21

The under-21ers who enjoy the side of the state where the sun doesn’t shine might always get the short end of the stick, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely exempt from the dark. Be sure to also check the Facebook widget on the right for up-to-date events listings. As for fun things to do any time of day, check out the other links as well.


Spellbound Burlesque – Hosted once per quarter at the famous club Palazzo in downtown Phoenix. Spellbound Burlesque brings together acclaimed national, international, and local Burlesque performers for a showcase of unique talent.

Arizona Fetish Society – A production company that puts on kinky fetish events featuring DJs and other musical talent. Their events are 18+

Pollstar – Many shows are all ages and/or 18+. Pollstar is an easy way to keep up to date on all upcoming shows within the area.

Stores – Clothing stores, record stores, comic book stores, and antiques & oddities stores are always fun to visit any time.

Cemeteries are always fun to visit during the day

Haunted Places – There is no shortage of haunted places in Arizona, and they can be visited by people of all ages who are brave enough.

Famous Places – While Phoenix isn’t exactly Hollywood or Manhattan, there are several places in Phoenix that have been frequented, are owned and/or lived in by famous residents. Find them here.

Body Modifications – If you are 18 or older, check out the body modifications page to find local alternative artists and piercers.