The Witching Hour

The Crescent Ballroom has been host to select installments of Haxan, A Doomed Disco-Tech, one of Phoenix’s premiere monthly dance nights in the goth/industrial music subculture. It has brought bands of many dark shades to play to thousands of people throughout the years. Now, it has its own weekly dance night specifically for black-clad crowds who like their music gloomier and their beats heavier.

The Witching Hour is a new weekly goth dance night at Crescent Ballroom, hosted by veteran DJ Tristan/Iseult. Eschewing the boundaries and club expectations, The Witching Hour is less Lucretia My Reflection and Blue Monday, more stuff you’ve never heard before but really should. Rest assured: this evening isn’t about stretching the meaning of goth, post-punk, darkwave, or any related genres–it’s about introducing patrons to new sounds that exist within those markers, created by both young and upcoming bands and by bands who fell through the cracks years ago.

The Witching Hour is about enjoying, dancing to, and exploring new dark sounds that you won’t hear at any other club night in town, goth or otherwise. Don’t miss out on the new weekly congregation.

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