Fuchsia AngelA brief search around the web implies a singer, a musician, an artist, a fashion icon, and most of all a leader–a master of all trades. Fronting Phoenix-based bands Bella Lune and Dreamgaze, Fuchsia Angel’s presence in Arizona’s Gothic celebrations has reached far beyond the desert to an international cult phenomenon, hushed but well known. With a wink to 80s pioneers like Depeche Mode and The Cure in composition and the serene siren-like qualities of Elizabeth Fraser in voice, the artistic endeavors of Fuchsia breed innovation and vitality while acknowledging the past. Her webpage provides unity for everything darkly alternative circulating beneath the mainstream of the Grand Canyon State.

Zander Buel Zander Buel is an ASU student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He hit the Phoenix alternative scene in 2013. He is one of the youngest members of our community. He has written articles and copy for several e-zines, websites and companies, including Coma Music Magazine, SoundCloud Music Reviews, Blueblood, The Gothic Angel blog, Carpe Nocturne Magazine, Horns N Halos & Team Rebel Sports direct. Zander is responsible for many of our interviews and reviews on this site, as well as most of the current updates.

Katherine Amy Vega – With all the work efficiency and repertoire of a super computer charged by the core of the sun comes Katherine Amy Vega, a web designer at first glance but much more upon further investigation. Katherine can be seen at every show in the dark alternative scene, capturing photographs in a natural sheen that exemplifies her prowess. An artist of many forms, she also devotes herself to illustration, digital painting, dancing, music, and videography. Her page Kataklizmic Design chronicles her impressive length of artistic pursuits that reflect the exhaustive efforts of someone devoted, meticulous, and focused to perfection.

Jonny Synthetic – Upon the throne of Dethroned Media sits Johnny Synthetic–web designer and photographer. In coordination with companies such as Horns & Halos Productions, Synthetic’s photography seals into eternal tangibility the exotic, adrenaline-filled nightlife of Arizona’s most popular fetish club events such as Cupcake! and the Fetish Prom. With an eye for the kinky and a taste for the stylish, Dethroned Media captures precious moments of that classy alternative attitude.