Interview: Katayna/Pierced Heart

1. You have been a professional bellydancer ever since I have known you. When was your first performance?

Katayna: My first belly dance routine was when I was 18 years old and it was at the Az state fair. I danced to Glory Box by Portishead!  I have since then I have used a lot more traditional Egyptian style music over the years.

2. What other types of performance art or dancing have you done?

Katayna: I have also begun doing burlesque dancing, as a lot of other local belly dancers have moved into as well. Burlesque seems to have become quite popular in the local scene lately. I also do some go go dancing on the side which I make a little extra money at.. which I immediately spend on more fabric and jewels for costuming!

3. How did you get into costume design?

Katayna: Being a belly dancer was what originally got me into costume design. Belly dance costumes are very intricate and have to be hand sewn, so as a result are very expensive. I learned to sew them to save money! I actually really enjoy sewing, and have since started creating my own fashion line after years of being a costume designer. I usually only made my own costumes to perform in at shows, but I am hoping to sell my clothing to the masses. Or maybe to those who prefer to be seen, and not just blend in with the masses. My style is very Gothic Glam. My first show will be on November 19th at the Arizona Center!

4. When did you get into modeling and what inspired you to do so?

Katayna: I got into modeling about two years ago. I had a lot of friends that were doing it, and their pictures inspired me to start. I think I had a misperception of what a model was supposed to look like for a long time and that kept me from trying it out.. but now I realize that there are so many different types of modeling, and women with curves are appreciated in the industry as well 🙂

5. What types of modeling have you done (Portrait, runway, video, etc)?

Katayna: I have done a little of everything. I have done some pin-up, fetish, gothic, fantasy, and quite a few underwater shoots (which I am very good at I have to brag a little!) There is something about being underwater that makes me feel ethereal and beautiful, like a water nymph. It’s amazing the posing you can get into without having gravity to hold you down. Not to mention.. it makes breasts look fnatastic! I have done some runway as well, mostly for local designers. I know I do not have the typical stick-thin figure for mainstream high-fashion modeling, but that doesn’t bother me too much. Honestly, I would rather be on the cover of Gothic Beauty magazine!

6. What would you say is the highlight of your modeling and/or performance career so far?

Katayna: I would say that the highlight of my modeling was getting the cover of Java magazine, as well as a fashion spread on the inside that I designed mermaid outfits for myself and two other models. Not to mention, that it was my boyfriend Gabriel and I’s photography Dark Unicorn, that did alll the pictures as well. Working with him as a team is amazing and I just love it!

7. What’s next on your bucket list?

Katayna: My next major goal would be to get my fashion line and clothing company Pierced Heart out there for the world to see 🙂 Wish me luck!