Haunted Arizona

Since every day is Halloween for us, I decided to post a page about the real haunted houses of Arizona.

Phoenix Area:

Casey Moore’s – A former resident was strangled upstairs by her boyfriend back in 1910. Since then, managers and neighbors have reported several incidents with apparitions and moving figures upstairs.
850 S Ash Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281. (480) 968-9935

Hotel San Carlos – It is hard to miss this beautiful Italian Renaissance inspired building in downtown Phoenix. However, it has a darker, more sinister, side. A tragic suicide occurred in 1928, when Leone Jensen threw herself off of the roof of this seven story building. There have been hundreds of reports of a ghostly woman in white haunting the halls to this day.
202 North Central Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85004. 602-253-4121

Rosson House – Built in 1895 for a prominent doctor and his family, it operates today as a museum. Volunteers and visitors have reported stories of a ghost who lingers and unexplained footsteps coming down the stairs, thought perhaps to be that of the former caretaker in the early 1980s who was shot and killed just outside the Victorian mansion.
113 N 6th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004. (602) 262-5070

San Marcos Hotel – The hotel receives strange phone calls from extensions that do not exist, the moaning of a male is heard and a female apparition has been sighted.
1 W San Marcos Dr, Chandler, AZ 85225. (480) 812-0900

Palo Verde East – Arizona State University – This building is reported to be haunted by a girl who committed suicide.
510 E. University Dr. Tempe, AZ 85281

Trail’s Tempe – [Closed] Customers and employees of this store claim to have seen the ghost of a young woman on the stairs and the sounds of footsteps coming from above when there is no one on the second level. Doors open and close and people report a strange “feeling”. Some people claim that the young woman haunting the store is the ghost of a woman who committed suicide in the building back in the 1900’s.
24 W 5th St. Tempe, AZ 85281

Deer Valley High School – Many high school students who have been in the auditorium claim they hear voices crying, feel cold spots, or even see an apparition on the catwalk.
18424 N 51st Ave. Glendale, AZ 85308. (602) 467-6700

Sajuaro High School – This high school was founded in the late Victorian era, and tales of witchcraft on the site have been circulating since. Students have reported strange incidents, including toilets flushing at random, girls felt their hair being tugged on, and whispers could be heard.
6250 N 82nd St. Scottsdale, AZ 85250. (480) 484-7200

Hermosa Inn – The Hermosa Inn is a small boutique hotel in Paradise Valley, and is said to be haunted. Toilets flush by themselves, bottles shatter and glasses break when no one is around. Guests and hotel staff have reported seeing ghosts of cowboys in the inn.
5532 N Palo Cristi Rd., Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA, 85253

Chandler High School – In Chandler you’ll hear stories of sightings and voices in the north wing of Chandler High School’s oldest building.
350 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225. (480) 812-7700

The Haunted Strip Mall – Located at 19th Ave. and Northern, this strip mall used to be the site of the Good Shepherd School for Wayward Girls, a Catholic School built in the 1930s. There were rumors of torture and murder in the basement before it closed in the 1970s. Since then, reports of girls crying and ghostly sights have been made, as well as sightings of headstones that were not there during the daylight. The body of a man who was allegedly murdered in his sleep was found there several years ago.
19th Ave and Northern. Phoenix, AZ

Elsewhere in Arizona:

Jerome Grand Hotel – At the top of a charming little ghost town on the edge of a cliff, you will find the Jerome Grand Hotel. In the 1920s, the building was the United Verde Hospital, where minors took refuge (and many died) from horrendous injuries and suffered mental illness. I have personally heard creepy noises throughout the night here, and had mysterious orbs floating in my pictures of the halls and incredibly spooky master suite.
200 Hill St, Jerome, AZ 86331. (928) 634-8200

Vulture Gold Mine – In this abandoned Victorian-era mine, you might hear ghosts shouting threats at you or have things thrown at you out of nowhere. At least a thousand people once lived, worked, loved, hoped, and died here. The Travel Channel even paid it a visit recently.
Wickenburg, AZ. (602) 859-2743

Copper Queen Hotel – The site was constructed between 1898 to 1902 by mining giant Phelps Dodge. The most famous ghost, Julia Lowell, was a prostitute who took clients and killed herself here. Guests and staff at the hotel say that they feel her presence on the second and third floors of the west side of the building. Male staff and guests have reported hearing a female voice whispering in their ear. Others have also reported seeing her dancing provocatively at the foot of the stairs.
11 Howell Ave, Bisbee, AZ 85603. (520) 432-2216

The Bird Cage Theatre – The Bird Cage Theatre was opened in 1881, and is said to be haunted. This Victorian theatre has been featured in the paranormal investigation shows Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab and Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.
535 E Allen St, Tombstone, AZ 85638. (520) 457-3421

Gadsden Hotel – The Gadsden Hotel originally opened in 1907, but got leveled by a fire and rebuilt in 1929. The Gadsden’s spacious main lobby is majestically set with a solid white Italian marble staircase and four soaring marble columns. An authentic Tiffany & Co. stained glass mural extends forty-two feet across one wall of the massive mezzanine. The hotel is said to be haunted, especially in Room 333. It has been featured on several TV shows and in a few movies.
1046 G Ave, Douglas, AZ 85607. (520) 364-4481

Lee Williams High School – During construction this high school, workers digging a trench behind the bleachers unearthed seven coffins along with personal items such as cuff links and jewelry. Many students, staff and residents are convinced the high school is haunted by the ghosts of the pioneers and Hualapi which were buried in the cemetery and have since been covered up. The ghost of a man in a bowler hat and a little girl wanting to play have also been seen stalking the ground. A memorial stone honors the 350 settlers who were buried in Pioneer Cemetery.
400 Grandview Avenue, Kingman, AZ 86401. (928) 718-6000

Oliver House – The hauntings began in 1920 when a cop shot his cheating wife, and a dozen others in the building. Throughout the years, guests have reported doors and shutters closing, ghostly footsteps in the hallways and the sound of gunshots.
24 Sowles Ave, Bisbee, AZ 85603. (520) 432-1900

Florence Correctional Center – Almost 100 prisoners have been executed here, so it should come as no surprise that there are hauntings on the property. Inmates and guards have reported several incidents of mists in the shape of humans lurking about, and hearing screams and other strange sounds in the cell blocks.
3250 North Pinal Parkway Florence, AZ 85132 (520) 868-8377

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