Gothics of All and/or Alternative Faiths. Torments of the Past

Matters of religion, have always proven itself a topic of controversy, in the realms of the Gothic communities. Because of their backgrounds, many Gothics had abandoned the idea of any spirituality, in their public, or private lives. This, I can empathise with. In more, than recent years, organised mainstream faiths, or should I say, more correctly, their followers, have never been friendly towards the communities. In fact, people have waxed lyrical, about verbal and often times almost physical confrontations in churches, and religious events, simply based upon appearance. “That “satanic, evil” look church members, and clergy have beaten them down with. These events, have led to so many emotional scars, that being Gothic serves as not only a lifestyle choice, but as an escape of the past.

The hardening of the spirit is the worst to overcome. As a victim of clergy sexual abuse by catholic priests, and emotional confrontations from evangelical sources, I still harbour bitter memories, and often thoughts of revenge, if those people were to exist. Some might be repulsed by my honesty, however these feelings are quite normal, amongst those who experienced abuse.

So, I propose a solution. Start your own spirituality groups. get together, share your experiences, laugh, cry, show support. You do not have to be of a common faith. This is about your personal Gothic spirituality. Yes, I believe that being Gothic carries a unique form of spirituality. Notice I did not use the word, “religion.” And, I never will. We’re all different, and in celebrating that, we grow inwardly, and continue to thrive.

And, to those who are atheist, or agnostic, that’s OK. However show yourself the value you’ve deserved, and which was neglected, and hidden, because of past religious abuse. Just be yourselves.

In Dark/Light/Grey,