Eternal Noir, new alternative clothing shop in Phoenix

Eternal Noir is the new shop run by Mello Jello, featuring locally-sourced garments of a darker and more dramatic flare.

The Melrose District in Phoenix is getting a spooky makeover tomorrow with the soft opening of Eternal Noir, the new boutique owned by photographer and socialite Mello Jello.

Eternal Noir is a new shop for freaks, punks, goths, and everyone in between. Sourced from local thrift and consignment shops, the boutique’s threads for sale aren’t just dark and dramatic—they’re articles of clothing that might never be seen again after they’re taken off from store shelves.

The shop’s opening starts on Saturday 12/15/18 at noon and features the homoerotic fetish art of Tom of Finland, a 20th-century artist from Scandinavia, as well as local artist Lord Zep.

Eternal Noir will host its chic oddball exhibitions every First and Third Friday in Phoenix.Until then, get in on the action early with tomorrow’s soft opening. RSVP here.