This page is a growing attempt at keeping track of the goth, industrial, EBM, synthpop, electro, punk, psychobilly, experimental, dark alternative bands from Arizona. If I have forgotten anyone or my information needs to be updated, please let me know.

A’ Rebours Gothic (Final Joy Records)

A0N Dark Experimental (Self Released)

Access Zero Electronica, Industrial (Self Released)

Acidica Industrial, Electronica, Gothic (Self Released)

Alter Der Ruine Industrial, Electro (Sistinas Music, Crunch Pod, ProNoize, Negative Gain Productions)

Amnestic Industrial, Electronic rock, Coldwave (Glitch Mode Recordings)

Ashengrace Gothic, Alternative, Darkwave (Self Released/Glow Room Records/CD Baby)

Audra Gothic, Alternative (Projekt Records)

Bella Lune Electro, Indie, Synthpop (Aetheria Music)

BlakOpz Harsh Techno/Industrial (Self Released)

Blessed be Thy Name Metal, Grindcore (Kshirakshara Records)

Body of Light Darkwave, synthpop (Dais Records)

Calabrese Punk, Gothic (Self Released/Cargo Music)

Die Kranken Katzchen Industrial, Gothic, Noise (Self Released)

Dreamgaze Trip Hop, Shoegaze, Dreampop (Aetheria Music/CD Baby)

element a440 Hardcore, Industrial, Metal (Self Released/CD Baby)

Elias Black Dark alternative rock (Self-released)

Fate of the Galaxies Alternative Pop Rock (Self-Released)

Ghostlife Ambient Rock (Self-released)

Ghouliez Electro, Industrial, Synthpop (Self Released)

Glamour Shot Indie/Post-Punk (Self Released)

HexRx Industrial, Aggrotech (Negative Gain Productions)

IFF Electronic, Drum N Bass (Self-Released)

Ikonoklast Metal, Industrial (Self Released)

The Audio Virus Retro, synthpop, industrial (self-released)

The Limit Club Deathrock, Gothabilly (Self Released)

Lore Gothic, Trip Hop, Electro (Trisol/Irond Records)

Lycia Ambient, Experimental, Gothic (Projekt Records)

Machines Of Loving Grace Industrial, Alternative (Mammoth/Atlantic Records)

MALLEVS darkwave, industrial, coldwave, synth

Per Somnia Gothic, Electronica, Trip Hop (inconnu media)

Politik 89 Industrial, Rock (Regime Musik, LLC)

Reliquary Gothic, Synth, Metal (Final Joy Records)

Sang.Rael Industrial, Electronica (Self Released/Glow Room Records/CD Baby)

Scarlet Demise Gothic, Darkwave, Shoegaze (Black Wreath Records)

Second Skin Gothic rock (Palace of Worms)

Sipping Soma Synth Rock (Sacred Groove Records)

Sleep Money Gothic, Post Punk Self-Released)

Still Warm Industrial, Gothic, Experimental (Self Released)

Technodrone Industrial (Self Released)

The Captives Alternative, Indie, Pop (Ever After Recordings)

The End Party New Wave, Alternative, Gothic (inconnu media)

The Strand Industrial, Electronica (Self Released/CD Baby)

Tristan/Iseult Dark techno/Electronic/Industrial (Self Released)

Tara Vanflower Ambient, Experimental (Projekt Records/Silber Records)

Victims In Ecstacy Dark Rock (Self Released)