New Age of Kink: Fetish Ball 2016 – Arizona Fetish Society

Arizona Fetish Society Presents…. The Fetish Ball 2016! 

In 2013, Phoenix, Arizona was voted the kinkiest city in all of the United States. In 2016, we proudly wave that leather-bound banner again with the Fetish Ball 2016, the mega-scale alternative event that people have waited years for, brought to you by the Arizona Fetish Society.

In true all-inclusive fashion, the Ball pulls talent from every corner of our shadowy universe, from the carnal halls of fetish, to the shadowy realm of Goth, to the adrenaline-fueled insomniac hub of rave. Vendors of the flesh will be abound to offer titillating toys, and stations of all wanton stripes will cater to your penchant for expression.

Industrial rock juggernauts 3Teeth will be the headliner for the event, and are making their Arizona debut. Also setting the tone for the Fetish side of the show is nihilist techno deviant Tristain/Iseult, industrial rock outfit Amnestic, and dirty synth duo The Audio Virus. On the Kink side, the bone-crushing heavyweights Bass Cadets, the manic beats of Sluggo, the quirky dubstep of Nerd Rage, and DJ Sharktopus of electro rock group Rabbit Junk will be keeping the tension at all-time pleasurable highs.

The Arizona underground has always brought together people of different shades of weird for a common goal—to explore and express in the ways others told us were wrong. Whether wrapped in latex, wielding a whip, or looking for the other side of the nightlife, the Fetish Ball 2016 is your gateway to the new age of libertines, misfits, and the eternally curious. Be part of the grand unveiling and help propel it into greater heights in the years to come. – Zander Buel