Tranzylvania Returns Club Review 4/29/22

We attended Tranzylvania Returns on Saturday, April 29th at Palazzo aka The Grand. It was a much needed night of fun. It was packed with so many familiar faces as well as lots of new ones. Thank you to Noize Teknologists for bringing back one of the most legendary parties the PhxGoth scene has had.

We were entertained by the sounds of DJs Tristan/Iseult, Apollynon and the Rev Dj RaZorslave, with lighting by Holocron LLC. The dance floor was solid the entire night, and it looked like a fashion show for Killstar and vintage Lip Service. I just love how the goth aesthetic is timeless! You just can’t go wrong with all black. It felt like 2005-2010 all over again being in that venue, dancing to both songs of yesteryear as well as newer tracks mixed in. I had a flashback moment during Counting Bodies Like Sheep… by A Perfect Circle. It felt a bit surreal but in the best way possible.

Outdoors had its own cool vibe, with an art show and many talented art and jewelry vendors including Bridt Elyse Designs, Dark Moon Kitten Art, The Haunted Heart, Shayne of the Dead, Unicorn Color Therapy, Inspirann Art, ETUS ART, Dominic Vega, PartyTimeMikey, and John Mathais Handmade Jewelry, curated by Bridt Elyse Designs. The large patio was a nice change of pace for those of us still paranoid about Covid. Of course there was plenty of obligatory goth club clove cigarette smoke drifting about as always.

For anyone who missed it, you are in luck because Tranzylvania Returns is a series of throwback events for the Goth/Industrial Scene in Phoenix, Arizona. Host Tristan/Iseult and guest DJs will be doing their thing every 5th Friday in 2022, except December. They are bringing back yesteryear’s favorite dance tracks and new selections that would be included if the event were still regular. The next one will be on Friday, July 29th. Do not miss it!

Palazzo aka The Grand Ballroom
710 N Central St