Interview with The Audio Virus

Interview with The Audio Virus
Phoenix’s The Audio Virus has gained a lot of momentum over the years, opening for local shows with genre trailblazers like Leaether Strip and Hanzel Und Gretyl and collaborating on various stints with homegrown freakazoids The Agents of Lust. Billy Virus and Justin Zero’s once two-man synth project has expanded to include bass player Aaron Coldblood and vocalist Ricky Elam, making room for some serious new ground on their smooth, moody, dark electro project. The Audio Virus have racked up a considerable amount of material, all of which can be found on their bandcamp page, shifting about disparate moods and lyrical themes, connected by a penchant for dancey synthpop sensibilities and Billy Virus’s throaty sneer.
We wanted a word with The Audio Virus regarding their upcoming tour schedule, new lineup, stage antics, and their plans for the future. Billy Virus was kind enough to give us the lowdown.
You are playing a hand full of dates in the next few months. Tell us about your itinerary. 
We are really exited to announce several upcoming dates, including the First Annual Mesa Music Festival showcasing talent from around the country with several different types of music, plus it’s All Ages and Free. Taking The Audio Virus on the road has always been a goal, so playing shows in Los Angeles is especially attractive to us just because we know it will be a good time.  Here are the dates for a majority of the shows so far …

11/14/2015 – Mesa Music Festival – Mesa, AZ

11/17/2015 – Blooze Bar – Phoenix, Az (w/ Bellusira (Australia) & Artesyn)

12/12/2015 – Joe’s Grotto – Phoenix Az (w/ SLUT, The Spider Hole, Sons of Providence and more)

1/16/2016 – Joe’s Grotto – Phoenix, AZ

2/19/2016 – TBA – Las Vegas

2/20/2016 – Bar Sinister – Los Angeles, CA

The Mesa Music Festival sounds pretty cool. They have over 100 Bands, in 2 days, on several stages. Where is that taking place and can you give us more information?  
It’s Free and All Ages on November 14th-15th Downtown Mesa, Az. The Audio Virtus is playing at 5:00 pm on the Backstage Attire Stage. Here is a link with information.
How does your current live set compare to your past shows? 
We have added a new member by the name of Ricky Elam to step up and sing his ass off, and he fits the crew well. 😉 Our set varies from show to show adding in live toms, live guitar, live bass. It’s Dark heavy and Dance worthy and were having fun playing it.
Do you have any new stage tactics up your sleeve? 
From the very beginning we’ve always attempted to have a visual as well as a solid set of songs, Smoke and mirrors are a few of our favorite things.
Do you have any new surprises in your set list for the show? 
Yes, we will be performing most of the new E.P. for a couple shows before we head into the recording booth. Only one of these songs have been released so far.
What has been your favorite show you have played so far and why? 
We’ve had a lot of fun shows with a lot of fun people, we could safely say a few of the best we’re The Alwun House in Phoenix, it was like a vaudevillian type stage setting and Justin Grimm’s Synth stand snapped and then he Hulk SMASHED it in front of everyone.. That was fun to see and also a handful of Horns & Halos events simply because they were run very well and everyone had a blast.
What is your ultimate tour destination? 
I would like to see anywhere I don’t have to duck every 5 minutes. So that leaves a really wide area around the planet to be able to see and appreciate anyone who’s heard of us in a place I’ve never heard of and, if we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to perform.
When can fans expect to hear new tracks? 
We aren’t rushing, but it is finishing up quickly. We are anxious to see people enjoying it live. Sort of like a sneak peak.
Special thank you to Fuchsia & Zander for supporting and taking the time to support the local music and lifestyle scenes here in Phoenix, AZ.