Interview: Shayne

1. How long have you been creating art and what got you started?

I can’t remember a time I was not creating art, my first real memory was me trying to draw an eye. My Grandmother was an oil painter and I grew up next to her doing art. She taught me how to paint, smoke, and woo women.

2. How would you describe your work stylistically?
I primarily focus on images of women, and the various ways society and culture view the female mystique. My work is highly symbolic and surrealistic. I like to play with juxtapositions of extremes both stylistically and thematically.

3. Who are your key influences and what inspires you most?
My Grandmother was my greatest supporter and inspiration. Stylistically though my early influences were artists like Nagel, Olivia, and Varga. Women in general are my constant inspiration, especially smart beautiful women. They are my muses.

4. What types of commissioned work have you done so far? (Other than the fantastic dog tags that you make for Bella Lune)
I’ve done so many commissions over the coarse of my life. From doing drawings for candy in kindergarten to being commissioned to do a 5 carat diamond encrusted lion head for $150,000.00, my work has taken me so many directions. Currently I’m mostly focusing on illustrative work and paintings.

5. What are your thoughts on Phoenix from an arts and cultural perspective?
Phoenix has always been a tough town to be an artist in. However, I’ve been seeing a new growth of talent and activity here. Phoenix will soon become the new L.A. of the arts.

6. Do you have any events or other fun things coming up or ongoing that you would like to share with us?
Make sure to enjoy First Fridays in downtown Phx, Second Saturdays at Evermore Nevermore, and third Fridays in downtown Chandler. Last fridays are reserved for a dance party, fire spinning event I call SINge, held at the FireHouse 1015 N. 1st ave, come check it out.

7. Any links you want to include?