Record Stores

Zia Record Exchange – Locations all over AZ. They carry CDs, vinyl, tapes, DVDs, concert shirts, posters, etc.

Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange – Locations all over AZ. They carry CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl galore! I once found a Cure tape there for $2 which I sold on Ebay for $50! Lots of random finds to be had here. They carry every kind of book you can imagine (including music, poetry, literature, etc).

Stinkweeds – If you like indie music, this is your place. They carry vinyl and CDs, new and used.
12 W. Camelback. Phoenix, AZ 85013. 602.248.9461

Eastside Records – Another indie/punk store, which carries a lot of vinyl. They also have a “new wave” section, where Ive found many gems.
217 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ

Revolver Records РThey buy and sell LPs, CDs, DVDs, Books, Electronics and other Memorabilia.
918 N. Second Street. Phoenix, AZ