PhxGoth Collective – Run by Bella Lune and DJ Kevin Brown.

Arizona Fetish Society – A collective production team that brings all the erotic goods to the table. they specialize in spicing up the weekends with special fetish events in all of their leather, latex, and rubber glory. Sexy and seductive but artful and exotic.

Count Orlok Presents – Run by Dj Tristan Iseult. Count Orlok wears many hats with popular events likeHÄXAN, a doomed disco-tech, Undead Can Dance, and Big Black Boots, in addition to bringing bands out for shows. Keep checking back to his page for some of the hottest events going on in the scene right now.

Psyko SteveA promoter bringing bands from all over the alternative spectrum to Arizona, playing at venues such as the Crescent Ballroom and The Rhythm Room.

Luckyman Concerts – An amalgamation of everything alternative. Keep updated on indie, progressive, and heavy metal acts that blow down the doors of venues like the Marquee, Mesa Amphitheatre, and Great Salt Air.

Stateside Presents – Supporting venues like Crescent Ballroom, Hotel Congress, and Club Red, Stateside Presents presents a barrage of exciting alternative acts, new and old, light and dark, at affordable prices for a good night out.

Steve Haworth – Where the metal meets the meat, literally. World-renowned and featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, Steve Haworth’s body modification is unparalleled–often imitated, never duplicated. Haworth’s work unites the human body with metal, creating huge leaps in tongue-splitting, ear gauges, implants, and the famous metal mohawk. His company Life Suspended takes the fetish community to the big stage of dazzling, artful displays at local fetish events. Haworth is also the co-founder of Horns & Halos.

The Kollective AZ – Keep updated with anything off, anything a little alternative, anything a little out of the way. From The Nile to the Marquee, Kollective AZ keeps a comprehensive listing of your favorite shows in the alternative scene and an easy avenue of purchasing tickets. And the opportunity to win free stuff and meet & greets isn’t too shabby, either.

Suzy Homewrécker – “What if’s” can be debated all day about what the state of Arizona’s Gothic culture would be like without Suzy Homewrécker’s visions; there is an incalculable amount. Cupcake!, Homewrécker’s monthly event at the Rogue Bar, stands tall and proud as the supreme playground for anyone needing to indulge in the black leather and punishing electro beats of nocturnal masquerades. An amalgamation of dancers, artists, DJs, and cupcakes, it is the realm to see and to be seen. Dressed in violent and punkish crimson, Suzy Homewrécker’s modeling efforts paint a blood-red streak of shocking individuality across the alternative realm of fashion, spicing it up with her own brand: Hell on Heels Couture.

Kevin Von Krol – You can catch him at the DJ booths during major events like Resurrection, :Fallout.Shelter:, and Cupcake! alongside partner and fiance Suzy Homewrecker. Tearing clubs apart with the best in industrial, EBM, and aggrotech, Kevin Von Krol is the man behind the curtain, keeping bodies moving, feet stomping, and blood boiling. He is a visionary of the scene, constantly bringing new ideas and new opportunities for children of the night to enjoy.

DJ Manchester – Every 3rd Saturday of the month is Manchester’s night of 80s reflections and obscure hits–dreampop, new wave, Britpop, Indie. It all comes into focus at Shadowplay.

James Bound – It all has to start somewhere, and James Bound’s Horns and Halos Productions is the blood pumping through our veins–or the needle in the vein of society, depending on your point of view. Horns & Halos is the unifying thread for all fetish events in Arizona–belly dancers, fire dancers, suspension artists, and DJs. Come hell or high water, come black leather or red lace, come discordant guitar riff or distorted beat, Bound is the man behind the curtain doing all of the hard work to bring everyone’s favorite dark acts to the community.