This page is a growing list of Arizona’s dark/alternative performance artists. If I have missed anyone, please let me know…

Spellbound Burlesque – An intimate evening of burlesque in the heart of Downtown Phoenix.

Scorpius Dance Theatre – A local and touring dance company, formed in 1999. Scorpius is best known for its show “A Vampire Tale”, but other productions explore themes such as Rock, Water Dreams and Fantasy.

BurlEscapades – Burlesque production troupe featuring themed burlesque nights, including Nerdlesque, Cinelesque, Geeklesque and more.

Life Suspended – A flesh-hook suspension group that performs at various parties and events, including the AZ Fetish events.

Scandalesque – A burlesque and cabaret show with a vaudevillian aesthetic consisting of provocative singing, dancing and outlandish variety acts.

Mystic Circus – Phoenix-based touring circus troupe that combines circus with sideshow, burlesque, and performance art for an unforgettable show.

Visual Antidote – Phoenix, Arizona based team of performance artists who’s styles include but are not limited to burlesque, gogo, fetish and modern.

Romantasy Cabaret – Amazing circus, cabaret, vaudeville, side show and burlesque acts that will satisfy all palettes.

Katayna – Bellydancer/gogo dancer/model/fashion designer who is in Romantasy Cabaret and also performs at Parties, Greek restaurants and at various events, including the AZ Fetish Ball.

Fyrae – Amazing fire performers! Their performances include bellydance, martial arts and fire manipulation (fire eating, fire breathing, fire whipping, fire fanning, etc) set to an intoxicating mix of Egyptian club music, Bhangra, Techno-Industrial and Future Pop.