Lore Deadly Sessions Live Album Release

In the darkest midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, LORE and her
band recorded a locked-in LIVE audio & video performance.
These are the DEADLY SESSIONS.

It all started with Stay-In-Fest 2020!

LIVE from Heretic Sound in Los Angeles, LORE and her band (Chris Egert and Vincent Cabagnot) were video shot as they performed & recorded three songs! This was for Infest’s, Stay-In-Fest 2020 music festival- one of the electro/industrial and goth scene’s most revered UK festivals.

It was an exciting offer and they had to make it happen! Plus, after months of lockdown, they needed some fun! She hired a notable music video director and they got it together fast!

It was also a fun opportunity to premiere a new song, “Until The Day I Die (Gothic Wedding Song) LIVE.”

Album Preview:

Videos Preview:


These are not the polished album versions. They are more guitar heavy with the electronic elements still prominent.

Out of nowhere, a new release!

“Deadly Sessions (LIVE)”

Track list:

1. “Flow (LIVE)” a dark electro fan favorite from Lore’s debut album, “My Soul Speaks” A cowrite by Lore and Mark Blasquez.
2. “Until The Day I Die (Gothic Wedding Song) LIVE” A new dark synth-pop song. If people like retro Madonna and The Birthday Massacre, they are sure to like this song. A cowrite by Lore and Chris Egert.
3. “The Wait (LIVE)” Previously released on the SAW IV soundtrack album/Trisol. This version features the same intensity of industrial trip hop with insanely powerful and emotional vocals. “The Wait” is a cowrite by Lore and Julian Beeston.

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Chris Egert at Heretic Sound.

Label: Into B liss Music
Distribution: The Orchard
© & ℗ LORE MUSIC 2020

Trip-Hop put her on the map with her song “My Soul Speaks” included on “SHE – a female Trip-Hop Experience.” Next, LORE is featured with LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT performing Hebrew vocals on “Blessing.” LORE then got her revenge featuring Sean Brennan/LAM on “Haunting” with her debut album, also entitled “MY SOUL SPEAKS.” The album, received outstanding reviews (released in Germany and Russia). Now, LORE delivers her “DEADLY SESSIONS (LIVE)” 3 song locked-in quarantine set of songs and videos. A full studio album anxiously waits in the shadows. LORE has performed concerts alongside London After Midnight, The Birthday Massacre, Abney Park & more.

LORE songs are also included on:

SHE – a female Trip-Hop Experience
“My Soul Speaks” (Sonic Images Records)

“My Soul Speaks” (Trisol)

“Haunting feat. Sean Brennan” (Trisol)

“The Wait” (Trisol)